First collection day is February 10th for Barrel Racing Horses and February 11th for Cutting & Working Cow Horses.

When ordering a semen shipment, please give 24-hour advance notice.


All shipment cancellations must be completed by 8am (CST) the day of shipment. Semen collected on Saturdays and Sundays must be picked-up or shipped via airline (counter to counter). Please note that FedEx and Airlines may have limited accessibility on holidays. Please plan accordingly.




Cutting Horses & Working Cow Horses (RED):

Auspicious Cat, Catty Hawk, Chiquita Cat, Copy Cat, Im Coutnin Checks, Little Jazzarey, Metalik Playboy, Mr Playinstylish

 NRR Cat King Cole, Quejanaisalena, Royal Fletch, Shining Cat, Smooth As A Cat


Barrel Racing Horses (BLUE):

Aspecial Firewater, Fiestas Gotta Gun, Guys Canyon Moon, Heavenly Firewater, KN Famous Czar, MR Shawne Tres, No Pressure on Me

 TR Illumniator Cash

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