Weatherford Equine is now providing state of the art dental care for routine and advanced veterinary dental cases. The Dental Service at WEMC recognizes the improvement in Veterinary Dental Medicine that has occurred in the past 10-15 years. Medical advancements have come in the form of medications used during dental procedures, as well as vast improvement in available veterinary dental equipment . Technological advancements such as digital radiology and computed tomography, allow better management of endodontic disease and traumatic injuries (oral-maxillofacial fractures). Finally the use of diagnostic dental instruments that have made previously unrecognized periodontal disease identifiable and treatable.


Equine Dental Medicine is recognized as a critical part of a horse’s general health, as it is the entrance to the body both for nutrition and relating to the rider on their back. Equine Dentistry/Dental medicine is much more than just “floating” your horse’s teeth every year. The WEMC-Dental Service starts with a full body examination. This answers the question of "is this patient able to be safely sedated" and "are the sedatives/tranquilizers the veterinarian is planning on using appropriate". Next, a tooth by tooth oral examination occurs evaluating the periodontal and endodontic structures of the tooth. Our doctors use dental instruments that you would commonly see in your own dental visit. The Dental Service at WE provides a range of services from routine examination/equilibration; recognizing, grading, and treating periodontal disease (gum disease); to minor and major oral surgery.


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